Four batsmans scored maximum runs in a year

Four batsmans scored maximum runs in a year

The players who play very nice in ODI cricket are selected for test cricket also. They play very good nice in test cricket also. T20 format is one of the popular format. There are some players who play very good in T20 cricket. This players play very fast in T20 cricket. They play with the strike rate of above 130 in T20 cricket. This players play fast in ODI cricket also. Audience enjoy the match when more four and six are hited by the batsmans. In T20 cricket batsmans hitthe fours and six from the first over of the match. This players are always in the playing eleven. There are four batsmans scored maximum runs in a year

David Malan, Aaron Finch, KL Rahul, etc play very nice in T20 cricket. David Malan play very good pull shot. He can hit more than 2 six a in over. Aaron Finch play very nice cut shot. He can hit from the first ball of the match. KL Rahul play very good cover drive shot. He can hit six in any area of the ground. All this players are the important players of their team. 

Four batsmans scored maximum runs in a year

At this time we are talking about the four 

batsmans who has scored maximum runs in a year. 

One of them is from team india. 

So without further delay lets see who are they. 

Four batsmans scored maximum runs in a year

Kane Williamson
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4 : Kane Williamson is the cricketer of team New Zealand. 

He is very nice batsman of team New Zealand. 

Kane Williamson has scored 2692 runs in 46 innings. 

He has scored this runs in year 2015.
Virat Kohli
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3 : Virat Kohli is the Indian Cricketer. 

He is very good batsman of team India. 

Virat Kohli has scored 2818 runs in 52 innings. 

He scored this 2818 runs in year 2017.
Riki Ponting
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2 : Riki Ponting is the former Australian cricketer. 

He was great batsman of team Australia. 

Riki Ponting has scored 2833 runs in 58 innings. 

He scored this 2833 runs in year 2005.
Kumar Sangakkara
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1 : Kumar Sangakkara is the former Sri Lankan cricketer. 

He was wonderful batsman of team Sri Lanka. 

Kumar Sangakkara has scored 2868 runs in 57 innings. 

He scored this 2868 runs in year 2014.

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